rechorder (rechorder) wrote,

My poor poor sister

So the other day, my sister was attacked. She got away. She's okay and she's been staying with us. At present, my mum is on the way to pick her up from the SPCA, where my sister volunteers. She found a note on her car saying " I'll get you next time, whore". Uhhhh. Can we say moving the fuck out of 6th and Fraser. Fuck. Even if it's a joke or whatever, it's enough to drive you batty...and we all know my sis is a little batty to begin with. So, she'll be with month of pure sisterness before I move. I hope I can handle this. Spead the word to ladies who live in the area.
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that's just crazy. i don't understand people.

6th and Fraser was where my mom lived when she was crazy. Strange.

Don't mean to pry, but did she know the person?