rechorder (rechorder) wrote,


I've found the cure to the blues! Domestic goddessness! I bought so much good food today and Gina gave me some of my favourite tea last night! I forgot that in the winter, I love cooking, drinking wine and shopping! I got the coolest tweed/wool blazer at the thrift shop today! I just want to walk around my kitchen baking and looking cute! Yeah! Oh...I'm skipping school right now. I'm getting a little achey and I'm hoping it aint' the you know what that begins with a F! No No No! I haven't gotten my shot yet! Dont' worry Duncan, if that's what I have, I'll go home and have my mother take care of me. HEHE. Okay, so I'm getting ready to get on my COLD scooter and ride over to my Granny's. Sometimes, you just can't do too much homework. I'll bring it with me but really, I doubt I'll do any of it!
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