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08:42pm 22/02/2005
  I think I might be over live journal. Any thoughts....have you gone through a non lj period. I think it's because I write and talk all day now. Nothing left to say.  
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You know what this is about...   
04:40pm 24/12/2004
  Hey everyone.
Merry Christmas! Take care of yourselves and remember that those crazy people you are hanging out with probably love you a whole bunch. Mine do anyway. Oh...and I love my friends....I don't tell them, but I do.
01:25pm 07/12/2004
  1 exam left.
Why did I take a shower and now I want to get some excersise?
Am I retarded?
I can't wait to get the apartment painted.
Gak.....so restless.
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02:46pm 25/11/2004
  I made bread! It was pretty good. I also made cookies and pizza dough. I'm a domestic goddess!  
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03:43pm 18/11/2004
  I've found the cure to the blues! Domestic goddessness! I bought so much good food today and Gina gave me some of my favourite tea last night! I forgot that in the winter, I love cooking, drinking wine and shopping! I got the coolest tweed/wool blazer at the thrift shop today! I just want to walk around my kitchen baking and looking cute! Yeah! Oh...I'm skipping school right now. I'm getting a little achey and I'm hoping it aint' the you know what that begins with a F! No No No! I haven't gotten my shot yet! Dont' worry Duncan, if that's what I have, I'll go home and have my mother take care of me. HEHE. Okay, so I'm getting ready to get on my COLD scooter and ride over to my Granny's. Sometimes, you just can't do too much homework. I'll bring it with me but really, I doubt I'll do any of it!  
Okay, I never post but....   
07:19am 18/11/2004
  01. Who are you?
02. Are we friends?
03. When and how did we meet?
06. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
07. Describe me in one word.
08. What was your first impression?
09. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?
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11:18pm 12/11/2004
  My friends online seem pretty upset these days. I'm slightly upset, and majorly stressed. Which is worse? Anyway....I don't care.  
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08:37am 27/10/2004
  I keep getting sad. I think it's stress related, but is seem to come and go with my attitude towards my money situation. I'm super debt-phobic and I'm about to go into debt...I didn't get student loans for some reason, and people keep telling me to re-apply, but honestly, I'm thinking they sound horrible and hang over your head for years and years. I'm looking for work, although not actively enough. It makes it more difficult that school is really busy, although I'm still really enjoying it. I'm going to ride in today, which always puts me a in a good mood (so long as I'm not hit, which would put me in a bad mood). Bah. I dreampt about getting a hug and failing an assignment. Lovely. Oh well....tonight is the Jack Webbster awards and I've gotta dress fancy,
10:03am 13/10/2004
  Yesterday I broke one of my fave whiskey glasses...well....the blinds fell on it. Then, today I did it again in the drying rack. And then....I poured milk all over the blender, not into the blender. I am retarded, or I'm having a growth spurt.  
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08:20pm 12/10/2004
  Can't figure out why I haven't been into updating recently.
Things don't change much when you go to school and study lots. I have to be really careful with money, so I'm limiting some of my activities, which really isn't much fun.
What should I be for Halloween? I want it to be rad.
05:17pm 24/09/2004
  I'm soooo stressed.
Like...to the max.
I cleaned the kitchen floor, went for a run and am doing laundry.
It's money, mostly...which is a shame because it shouldn't be so important, but it really is.
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10:27pm 14/09/2004
  So I'm hermiting a bit recently. Not by choice though. BCIT is serious stuff and I'm trying to do good stuff like go to bed early and be good and study a little bit if I can. Oh wait...I just remember that I haven't done my economics homework. Blast!  
Rally Weekend   
06:21pm 07/09/2004
  All Rally, all the time.
There was
-me drinking too much scotch and taking Becky down during the sumo match
-tarts and vicars party with lots of sluts and hoe bags
-2 people had crushes on me! yay! i like that, even though nothing happened
-lots of rides and bbqs (i went soooo fast!)
-bonfires and naked friends with tatoos passing me on fourth avenue
-good times...so good

Today though, was my first day of school. It was boring and orienting. That's it. The real deal is tomorrow and then I move on the weekend. I'm starting a bunch of new stuff and it feels good!
12:23pm 01/09/2004
  I'm slowly learning little bits about my computer. It's difficult because I don't really care...I just want it to do the stuff I want it to do..and do it quickly. Perhaps a MAC would have been better for this. Oh well.
I went to the corn maze last night. It was really fun, but after about 30 minutes of being lost, your skin gets really itchy with corn bugs and you want out like...10 minutes ago. It was a good outing though, esp for a Tuesday night.
The packing is slow. I hate packing. I want to get rid of everything. Like...whole boxes. I wonder what I'd miss. Kitchen stuff...pillows for chairs etc. I've got all these sealed boxes that have good shit in them, but I'm tempted to just throw them out for simplicity's sake.
Duncan...do you have a blender?
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New PAd   
09:12am 28/08/2004
  We got a place! It's huge and in a good spot, with mouldings and hardwood floors. I've never lived in an apartment before. I hope I like it. I already met the lady across the hall as she was taking her little bull dog, Daisy, for a poop. She says the old dude whose apartment we are taking (and who is moving next door to us) is the only person in the building over 35. Well...I hope he's not a whiner. So Duncan and I are being very diplomatic about the rooms and we are going to toss a coin. I do though, have a preference now, as I have a love of western exposures. YAYAYAYAY!  
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10:30am 26/08/2004
  Lots had been happening, but not much I feel like updating about. My posts are fairly boring anyway. So....maybe I'm over lj? Who knows.  
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My poor poor sister   
02:43pm 20/08/2004
  So the other day, my sister was attacked. She got away. She's okay and she's been staying with us. At present, my mum is on the way to pick her up from the SPCA, where my sister volunteers. She found a note on her car saying " I'll get you next time, whore". Uhhhh. Can we say moving the fuck out of 6th and Fraser. Fuck. Even if it's a joke or whatever, it's enough to drive you batty...and we all know my sis is a little batty to begin with. So, she'll be with us....one month of pure sisterness before I move. I hope I can handle this. Spead the word to ladies who live in the area.  
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08:56am 18/08/2004
  Last night my sister got attacked while she was walking home from the Macs. She's okay, but she's pretty scared. Some guy grabbe her from behind and lifted her up and went for something with his other hand, but she grabbed her pepper spray and got him good. The police haven't found him. Man....I hate this shit. She's over here just hanging out now. I need to get out of the house.  
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06:46am 09/08/2004
  So....on Saturday I got a 5000 dollar line of credit, which is really scary. I'm very debt-phobic. I'm going to try not to touch it, but it's good to know it's there. After that, I went for the first run in about 6 months. It was hard and I'll do it again tomorrow (not today).
Sunday I rode with the scooter kids. What a great day and a nice ride. I had a wicked "small vegggie bun" sandwich at la grotta that cost me under 4 buck and it was soooo good! Then, BBQ at Wade's where I made amazing shishkababs. Rob and I are going to open a shishkabab restaurant and we've got all these brilliant catch lines for the commercials already. They are secret. Then....I saw Napoleon Dynamite which was hillare. Then, we snuck into The Village, which kinda sucked.
Today, I got my eyebrows done and the lady did them too thin. I'm going to be growing them in now.
The house search continues.
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05:54pm 06/08/2004
-I went to the doctor and she said I had fluid in my ears from the flight. I've just gotta wait it out.
-I saw a 1 bedroom on 23rd and Main for 550. It was too small.
-I found a dress at narcissist design. It might be a bit too skanky and summery, but I might buy it wear it to the wedding anyway.
-I saw Nearly Neal for free and the new Richmond casino. I lost 8 but won 6. Not bad